Watercolor has more possibilities no one medium does to:

  1. Express your deepest feelings
  2. Final result is unexpected and gives a result much more fantastic which you can’t even imagine
  3. Watercolor techniques are endless
  4. Illusions which appears when paper dry give you zillion ideas for other future paintings
  5. Always open adventure each time you take new white piece of paper

Watercolor isn’t for you if this is your first medium:

  1. There is no way back to correct white areas.
  2. You should continuously check for fresh water and clean brushes, paints for vibrant result.
  3. Each second counts. You should paint regularly in order to have dexterity and advertency to listen the medium while your layer is still wet and ready to absorb new colors and apply watercolor techniques before it dry.
  4. This is not fast medium. To save beauty and spontaneity of the 1st layer you should really take your time and add next touch wisely only when it’s needed in order for your paintings to look so effortless and fresh and not dull, mud, overworked or wooden.