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Still have some unresolved questions? Check out our FAQ:

How I get notified about upcoming event?
After booking you will receive several email notifications with the date, time and link to join livestream painting session.
Will be a REPLAY?
Yes, it is! After painting session ends you will receive a link with downloadable REPLAY video. So exciting that the live lessons will be recorded. This could prove very helpful for those of us who live in very different time zones! • There will be no replay on public platforms. This is a private link sent on your email to enter livestream session • There will be several reminder emails before session starts • Downloadable replay is available only who already has a ticket but missed livestream session. • Downloadable replay is available only who has a ticket and joined as well.
How long does the demonstration long?
Watercolor painting session will be held by Olga Peregood via livestream online from 12 PM to 14:15 PM [ Toronto time ] 15 minutes break in a middle included
Does there a CHAT?
Yes, it is! Interaction, conversation, Q&A,
Who is this session for?
• for those who wants their paintings be more loosed • for those who relax • for those who tired as an artist...for fresh air for their art • who never hold a brush
Who is NOT this session for?
• well, it is hard to imagine why you should skip this sessions... • for those who wants their paintings looks like a photograph • for those who wants to learn calligraphy in this sessions
If you unhappy with the order contact in 30 days and you will get 100% refund.
If I miss the livestream LIVE session?
Downloadable replay is available who already has a ticket but missed livestream session.

Your Master Artist

Olga Peregood
Olga Peregood

🏅 Olga Peregood watercolor painting courses attended more than 10K students from 119 countries and counting.

"I'm from Belarus and live in Canada. The content presents with a positive attitude is outstanding. You do not need to sit for a thorough explanation or boring techniques. If you need someone to be straightforward and show you how to begin experimenting, then this is exactly what I do. This is an excellent class, and if you are truly serious about getting 2X the results in half the time, you should come to attend."

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