Sun-Kissed Fall

Enjoy this wonderful set of 7 exciting watercolor tutorials!

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It is passed a year from my last course "Creating WOW Effects In Watercolor" and I have so many discoveries in watercolor since than! More bright colors, more confident brushstrokes, more exciting results as well as keep your painting session loosed and lazy.

  • Paint fall, sunflowers, butterflies, fur and feathers and more
  • Course lasts 7 days. After enrollment each day new chapter unfolds.
  • 12 painting tutorials
  • apply several techniques and mixed techniques
  • ways and exercises for loosed style

Browse and unfold "Preview" sections from curriculum to get an ideas and inspiration before your purchase.

Course Lectures

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days after you enroll

I love listening to her gentle way of talking. She makes it seem so effortless

- Lois Seeley, happy student

I learned so much during this class and it was so much fun to see the teacher (Olga) presenting those different water color techniques while giving examples for the use of each one of them. It inspired me instantly - thank you for this great class and the way you explained it.

- Marie Oelker, Just some graphic designer / list addict

So many people ask me how I can possibly like watercolor it is so hard to control. This class celebrates the mystical way of watercolor. So much fun to lay down color with no pressure to make it look like anything!

- Leslie Panfil, Master Crafter

I have to admit Ms. Peregood's teaching is a bit quirky and a few times borderline awkward, but the content she presents with a positive attitude is outstanding. I do not need to sit for a thorough explanation or history of techniques, I need someone to be straightforward and show me so I can begin to experiment, and that is exactly what Olga does.

- Ram Diaz, student

This is a fantastic and playful class that also encourages and teaches you how to paint intuitively. Olga happens to be a favorite teacher of mine!

- Tasha Soto, Bookmaker / Learning Addict /Creative Sybil

Your Master Artist

Olga Peregood
Olga Peregood

🏅 Olga Peregood watercolor painting courses attended more than 10K students from 119 countries and counting.

"I'm from Belarus and live in Canada. The content presents with a positive attitude is outstanding. You do not need to sit for a thorough explanation or boring techniques. If you need someone to be straightforward and show you how to begin experimenting, then this is exactly what I do. This is an excellent class, and if you are truly serious about getting 2X the results in half the time, you should come to attend."

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